Outdoor Tai Chi

09-30-17 10:00 am - 09-30-17 11:00 am
Pittsburgh Botanic Garden
799 Pinkerton Run Road, Oakdale, PA, United States

Outdoor Tai Chi

Drop-in only!

Saturdays: May 27; June 24; July 29; Aug 26; Sept 30.
10–11 am
$7 members
$17 non-members

The gentle art of tai chi is based on the Taoist philosophy of ancient China focused on living in harmony with nature.  It is a mind-body practice which teaches us to cultivate balance and well being within ourselves and in relation with the world around us.  The Botanic Garden provides a perfect setting to let nature nurture our body, mind and spirit.  We will move with the clouds, enjoy the sounds of the birds, be energized by the open sky above and supported by Mother Earth under our feet. 

The class will introduce basic tai chi exercises suitable for adults (18 and over) of all fitness levels.  Tai Chi is traditionally done standing.  No equipment is necessary.  Please wear flat, flexible shoes and comfortable clothes appropriate to the weather. Full Day Garden Admission included with class.