Memorial & Tribute Gift

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden welcomes gifts that commemorate important occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, or that honor and memorialize loved ones. We are privileged to send notice of your esteem and regard to those being recognized or their families without reference to the size of the gift. Your donation provides crucial financial support while acknowledging important people in your life.

Abe and Gerda on benchAsian Garden’s Serenity Prompts Couple’s Gift

When you visit the Asian Garden, enjoy the new bench above the Lotus Pond made possible by long-time Garden supporters Gerda and Abe Bretton.

“We were just so taken aback by the beauty of the Japanese garden,” said Gerda. “The bridge that is over the water is so simple and magnificent. We felt it would be nice to have a bench out there.”

“We felt very strongly about the words that we put on the plaque. What they’ve done in the Garden is very beautiful, a work of art, but it has all been done in the least intrusive way possible,” commented Gerda.

Abe added, “We have been followers of the Botanic Garden for about 12 years, since we found out the Garden was going to be very near where we lived. As soon as we found out about it we came to see it.”

Gerda commented, “We’re also aware that it costs a great deal and even though the Garden has gotten some fine help from the state and private contributions, it needs as many contributions as possible.” “The whole concept of what’s going on at the Garden should be an incentive for anyone to get involved and do what they can,” Abe agreed. “It will be a great draw for the future in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.”

For more information, please contact Kevin Fernando at 412-444-4464 x 231