Buy Bulbs and Help the Garden!


Photo courtesy of Kham Tran,

If you love flowering bulbs but find your own garden lacking in flower power, it’s easy to create your own display. And, you can help the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden at the same time!

When you purchase spring- or summer-flowering bulbs from Brent and Becky’s, a high-quality family bulb grower since 1900, a full 25% of your purchase can go to the Garden. Here’s how it works:

Go to and from a drop-down menu in the middle of the page, select Pittsburgh Botanic Garden then click ‘go.’ The Brent and Becky’s website will then pop up and you can shop from there. In addition to bulbs, the website includes all kinds of gardening tools, books and other products. Everything you purchase counts toward the 25% support, even gift certificates.

To plan your spring-flowering bulb display for next year, take pictures of the area where you would like to have more spring color. Make a few notes about this area—its sun exposure, soil moisture, colors you would like and whether you want early-, mid- and/or late-spring blooms. There are bulbs for almost any garden situation and some, like daffodils and Allium, are not palatable to deer. Then, mark your calendar to visit the website in late summer or early fall and place your order for spring-flowering bulbs, which should be planted in the fall.