Discount Partner Offers Hot New Annuals

Are you ready to try something new in the garden this year? You’re in luck! After the mild winter and warm spring, area garden centers are brimming with beautiful plants to try, and many are new and improved varieties.

Brenckle’s Farms and Greenhouses is a Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Discount Partner, meaning members can save 10% on selected items. Their garden center on Mt. Troy road is fully stocked with a huge variety of annuals, vegetables, herbs and perennials. Don Brenckle highlights the following new and favorite annuals that are available in his garden center now.

Black and Bloom Salvia
It’s hard to improve on a terrific annual like the popular Black and Blue salvia, but Don says this new variety has a few tricks up its sleeve. For starters, it’s less brittle than Black and Blue. So late in the season, when it has reached 3-4 feet tall, the branches are less likely to break. It also has better color contrast between the black stems and blue flowers, if that’s even possible, plus a more compact habit.

photo 2 soiree pink

Soiree™ Double Pink Catharanthus from Suntory Flowers.

Soiree Catharanthus
Catharanthus is a new annual for our region and is related to the tried-and- true annual vinca we love as bedding plants. The Soiree series grows a little taller than vinca, about 10-14 inches. Double Pink has bright pink vinca-like flowers, and Double White has white flowers, and both like hot dry conditions. “Double Pink is a slightly more robust plant than Double White,” says Don.

Sunsatia® Nemesia
Nemesias are great filler plants, providing season-long color in baskets, containers and beds. There are several color options in the Sunsatia series—yellow, orange, red and white. The Blood Orange variety has a two-tone orange and red color scheme. It would be terrific paired in a large pot with a tall red or orange canna, several ‘Vancouver Centennial’ geraniums and a lime-green sweet potato vine.

photo 1 begonia

Million Kisses® Devotion tuberous begonia from Ball Seed®.

Million Kisses® Devotion Begonia
One of the greenhouses at Brenckle’s is crammed with colorful hanging baskets that are overflowing with this easy-care annual for shade and part sun from BallSeed. Million Kisses will provide a jolt of red- orange flowers all summer.

Don has quite a few new celosias to offer—all colorful, easy-care sun lovers that work great in beds or pots. The Intenz series packs a colorful wallop of color all summer, either in hot pink or dark purple, with an upright habit to 18 inches tall. Dragon’s Breath celosia has wonderful mottled foliage and deep red vertical flowers, great for adding color to sunny beds and borders. If you’re looking for something different, the flowers of Twisted celosia have a unique rooster-comb- like flower.

Garvinea Gerbera Daisy
Who doesn’t love cheery Gerbera daisies? Two new selections in the Garvinea line, Sweet Glow (orange) and Sweet Honey (yellow) have been bred for superior garden performance. “The more sun you can give these gerberas, the better,” says Don. Gerberas can be grown in garden beds or containers and they make great cut flowers too.

Campfire Coleus
Grown for its burnt-orange foliage, Campfire tolerates up to six hours of sun, but performs great in shadier conditions too. Try mixing it in containers and window boxes with other coleus or tropical foliage plants for a great look all summer.

photo 3 plectranthus

Cerveza ‘n Lime® Plectranthus from Proven Winners®.

Cerveza ‘n Lime® Plectranthus
Although it’s not new, Don likes this foliage plant because it’s beautiful and useful. Its thick, rounded, fuzzy, lime-green leaves have a strong citrus scent. “It tastes great in beer,” says Don. It would be eye- popping planted with Campfire coleus, and will work well with lots of other plant color schemes too.

Pot-A-Roo Kangaroo Paw
For those who like something different, the Pot-A-Roo series of the Australian native kangaroo paw (Angozanthos) is fun to grow. The unusual deep yellow flowers look like fingers atop stems that grow 10-16 inches tall. As you would imagine, based on its country of origin, this plant thrives in sun and dry conditions.

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