Heritage Homestead

The Heritage Homestead includes the Walker-Ewing-Glass log house, a heritage apple orchard, pioneer garden and chicken coop.  The log house was built circa 1780s and was the home of the Walker family, early pioneers in the area. The Log House was restored in 2015 and is now used as an educational space.

In the 1880s, there was a 2-acre apple orchard on site. Pioneers often grew apples for the production of cider. An orchard was recreated, with trees that have an old provenance.

The Heritage Homestead also has a pioneer garden that features medicinal, dye and herbal plants, as well as flax, which was used to produce linen.  A chicken coop is home to Barred Rock Chickens, and Buckeyes, both heritage variety chickens that can be used for eggs and meat.