Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

2016 Master Plan

Released in 2016, the Master Plan shows future growth for Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. 

Designed to be completed in stages, this version shows the entire project. Following the original master plan created in March 2003 and revised in April 2012, this new plan focuses on the development planned for the next couple decades.  With input from the Board, Staff and Committee members, the local firm MTR Landscape Architects completed this update.  Defined by color coding and broken into five periods of growth, the following are highlights of each period.

Funding for projects included in the 2016 Master Plan are needed.  The emphasis for 2017 is completing the Garden of the Five Senses, installing the Entrance Garden, continuing development in the Japanese Garden and as spring weather returns starting construction of the new Parking Lot.

Please consider how you can help make these plans become reality!  Contact Keith Kaiser, Executive Director or Beth Exton, Development Director, for additional information.

Click here to download the full size master plan as a .pdf