A New Art Exhibition Running until January 15th, 2017

Sculptures in the Landscape is a collaboration between the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden and the Society of Sculptors. The art of nine sculptors will be on view throughout the Garden until January 15th, 2017. A variety of techniques and media are on display, with sculptures set against a variety of natural backdrops. Come see this one-of-a-kind outdoor art exhibition as the weather changes throughout the seasons of late summer, fall, and winter!

Trail Map

  1. Patti Menick, Walking Figure
  2. James Simon, Big Frog
  3. Peter Calaboyias, Kyrios
  4. Patti Menick, The Changeling
  5. Patti Menick, The Loss
  6. Peter Calaboyias, Moonscape
  7. Duncan MacDiarmid, Navigating the Mother Ship
  8. Duncan MacDiarmid, Living Landscape
  9. James Shipman, Rock Head Thought 
  10. Peter Calaboyias, Dusk and Dawn and the 4 Seasons
  11. Anders Anderson, Woman with Scarf
  12. Anders Anderson, FALDAN II
  13. Thomas Cords, Lineal
  14. Duncan MacDiarmid, Garden Menagerie
  15. James Simon, Jackson Pollock’s Pants
  16. Duncan MacDiarmid, Layered Past
  17. Ashley Hickey, Serenity
  18. Elizabeth Asche Douglas, Flame



Most pieces in this exhibition are for sale with a portion of all proceeds going to both the sculptor and our efforts to restore and maintain the Garden. To inquire about purchasing a piece, please contact the Welcome Desk at 412-444-4464.

Although it may be tempting, please refrain from touching the sculptures in this exhibition.