Upper Terrace Bed Enhances Peirce Celebration Garden

Celebration Garden additionA third planting bed has been added along the upper edge of the terrace beds in the Peirce Celebration Garden, promising a more sumptuous flower display for visitors to enjoy. According to Sue Myers, manager of horticulture and plant collections, “We have filled this bed with perennials that have extended bloom time, and have chosen plants that have different flowers, textures and shapes to add visual interest.” Laureen Iezzi is the head gardener in the Pierce Celebration Garden.

Tough perennials such as penstemon and yarrow form the backbone of this full-sun border. The annual spiderflower, Cleome ‘Senorita Rosalita,’ which performed beautifully in the terrace garden last year, was added to the new bed for season-long flower power. Pollinators love this plant, and this variety has two advantages: it is shorter and less likely to flop, and is sterile so it won’t self-seed everywhere.