Pittsburgh Botanic Garden opens its newest garden area, the Garden of the Five Senses, on July 30. This much anticipated garden is the perfect place for families to play, laugh and learn while connecting to nature through their senses.

A Garland Cutting Ceremony is planned for 10 am on July 30 to mark the occasion. This event will celebrate the work and dedication of many who made it possible including philanthropic supporters, landscape designers, engineers, and contractors along with the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden board of directors and staff.

The Garden of the Five Senses is including with Daily Admission to Pittsburgh Botanic Garden and is a journey of discovery and fun. Designed for all ages, visitors can engage in nature in unique ways as they explore the sights and sounds of the woodlands. The paved pathway through the Garden of the Five Senses links together different zones, each one focusing on a different sense.

In addition to the senses of touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste, some of the key features focus on balance, movement and spatial orientation. Areas such as Digging In, Eye Spy, and Soothing Sounds offer variety of ways for children to explore nature to the best of their abilities. Guests can easily move between each zone or stay in their favorite one.

To learn more, go to: Garden of the Five Senses.

To register for the Garland Cutting Ceremony, click here.